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Welcome to the Game Registry forum! Post a thread here to find new players for your games, or to find new games to join into. Please use the template below when starting your own thread, to insure you convey all necessary information. Failure to follow this format may result in your post being edited or deleted by RPGnet moderators, so please use it.

Please don't post your home address or phone number in the forum; allow interested parties to PM or email you for that information, and to ask questions in the thread. Also, do not bump your thread to the top with useless posts more than once a week.

When you no longer have any space available, or decide not to persue a game any further, post a "closure" message at the end of your thread stating as much. If no one seems interested in your game, consider posting a "closure" message and trying a different game idea, or just joining someone else's game.

Template for Posting Threads
Here's the template to follow when posting your thread:

Your thread Subject should distill the critical information into a neat package, like so --

"Location/Method - Game System - Your role - Desired Result"

-- some examples being:

"Portland, OR - Sengoku - GM - Seeking another player"

"Via IRC - RuneQuest - GM - Needs more players"

"Miami, FL - any fantasy RPG - Player - hoping to join"

In the message text, cut and paste the following section and replace the examples with your information.

Play Location/Method: example: "Portland, OR" (assumes face-to-face); "via AIM"; "via ICQ"; "via email."
Game/System: example: "RuneQuest 3rd edition"; "Spycraft"; "D&D3e"; "various strategy boardgames."
Player or GM? example: "I'm the GM in this campaign" of "one of three rotating GMs."
Time/Frequency: example: "Alternate Wednesdays, 7pm - 10pm"; "Saturdays, noon to 6pm."
Genre: example: "Bronze Age fantasy"; "dark corporate future"; "ancient mythic Egypt."
Current needs: example: "Additional players"; "three more players"; "A game to join into."
Accept Drop-In Players? Yes or No
Accept Spectators? Yes or No ("not too many as space is limited", "contact first", etc)
Short description of the setting/campaign (5 lines or less): example:
"PCs are citizens of Sun County in Prax, or outsiders friendly to Sun County. The PCs come from varied backgrounds in the militaristic society and will be attached to the Sun Dome Militia as a Special Missions Unit, specialists for missions of investigation, retrieval, intelligence, diplomacy, et al."
The Rules & Guidelines of the rest of RPGnet's forums still apply here. Don't make a personal attack in someone's thread saying how terrible they are at running games, or break any of our other rules.

RPGnet does not endorse or verify the claims of any post, nor is RPGnet responsible for arranging, scheduling, canceling, tracking, or hosting game sessions of any sort, face-to-face or otherwise. RPGnet has no way to effectively screen participants of this forum; use due caution when revealing contact information or arranging meetings.

May you find the perfect group to game with. Enjoy. :)
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