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Real world AR adventures


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I got access to a beta AR app on apple called metaverse and it allows you to place points around and create a story that players can move around the real world and interact with. Thought this could be a cool outside adventure tool. What im looking for is a group to help me experiment with story and content creation so I can make a story for whole areas. The story I created the player is a blacksmith and has an adventurer come into his shop and asks for a mithril sword to be made. The player then has to walk around the physical world and find each material to make the sword and bring it back to his shop. While doing this adventure though there are some other interactions the player can deal with in their choice of ways like when he encounters a bear or a group of chanting cultists in the woods. I think it would be AWESOME to have a community input into this to build up a whole world inside our real world so we can play while we go to the store or wait for our wives to try on shoes, ect... If you're interested you can message me or email me at stridertv@yahoo.com
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