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Recommend Clipart packs

The Grey Elf

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Looking through the free-license clipart packages on RPGNow for my first S&S sourcebook. Unfortunately, these packages aren't very descriptive as to the actual art they contain. My budget for art is pretty much next to nil, and I need images of the following:

Sea Elf
Sea Cat

If anyone can recommend me some stock art packs on RPGNow that contain these critters (or just good fantasy critters in general) I'd be very appreciative. Thanks!

chris field

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I've used alot of stuff from Sade and Shaman's Studios (Anthony Cournoyer) in my projects.

The Sade stuff is a little too T&A intensive for some projects, but depending on what you want it can be great- especially if you're publishing anything with an erotic or romantic vibe. The Shaman Studios stuff just absolutely rocks for standard fantasy. I can't recommend those packs enough.

I just picked up a bunch of Richard Spake military sci fi stuff in a bundle from RPGnow.com. It's a bit sketchy and most of the characters are simply standing at either parade rest or attention, but I'm pretty satisfied. Alot of the images and costume designs could be very useful for a hard sci fi campaign, and I'll be using them for my own world. I'll also probally pull some images from the lot to put together a GI Joe inspired sourcebook or something simiar, because some of the costume designs remind me alot of that.

I like most of LPJ's Image Portfolios, but they're a mixed bag. About half the images in a particular pack are amazing, a couple are mediocre and one or two are always just this side of useless. I used a BUNCH of his super hero stock art in my Psi-Watch book, and it came out looking great, but there were alot of images that got left on the cutting room floor. Plus, the image packs are a bit pricy- at $8 they're about twice as expensive as most of the Shaman's Studio stuff, for instance.

Okay, now I've got a similar query.

Who can point me in the direction of some good dinosaur stock art or public domain images?


chris field

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Hey, any good stock art packs with a 'furry' fantasy theme? I'm looking for non-explicit, Iron Claw/Jade Claw style stuff for an upcoming project.

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