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Recommend simple starship tactical combat game


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I'm looking for a simple set of rules for tactical level starship combat. When I say simple, I mean short rulebook and not a lot of fiddly subsystems-I'm old and grouchy and don't have a lot of patience for long rules and minutiae. As a guideline, nothing over 20-30 pages (preferably half that) unless there are a lot of illustrations and large font. For reference, I tried Warcosm and found that too complicated for my liking :eek:.

Something like the original Starfire from Task Force Games, but something newer.


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If your desire for something newer than Starfire is due to availability rather than some other factor, the original pocket version has just been re released on Wargames Vault:

An even simpler contender is Sky Full Of Ships. But it may be too simple, unless you want to fight a fairly large battle. Here's a link to the free version:

Best of all, IMO, there is the classic Full Thrust. Again, here's the free version:

For more info about other contenders, you should check out Starship Combat News:

The information pages there haven't been updated for a while, but the forum is active.

Good Luck!


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I'll echo Full Thrust and Knight Hawks. When my group thought Traveller (Mongoose) was too fiddly for a many-ship battle, we shifted rules to KH, and it ran just fine.

Starfire is also pretty butt-simple.


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If you found Warcosm too much, then most of the suggestions in this thread will be more complex than you's like. The best selections are probably

A Sky Full of Ships - pretty darn easy. I suggest cutting weapon ranges way down (say to 1/3 listed values) as the ones in the book pretty much preclude any maneuver on a standard table (apparently the creators play on HUGE tables where it's not a big deal).

Original Starfire I and II - as mentioned, now available on Wargame Vault

There's also a set of Quick Start Rules for the newer edition of the game. It's missing a bunch of stuff (ship construction), but it is a playable set of rules. I'm not sure where they moved them after the recent server issues, but when I find a link I'll post them.

Are you married to hexes and the like. The old Metagaming game Warp War has a fun tactical system that doesn't need a map to resolve. There's a free, fan-made, 35th anniversary edition available online that gives you everything you need for free.
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