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Recommended RPGnet Sellers


The Solitary Knight
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Great purchase from Wulfgar22 of a nice clean sweep of four SW Solomon Kane books, including a much coveted Path of Kane.
Good comms and books arrived well packed and in top condition.


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Very positive purchase experience with SibKhatru. Bought a copy of Aftermath! and it showed up quickly, packed like a champ and in excellent condition!


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This is going to sound odd but I had a great if ultimately unsuccessful transaction with Leketh - the deal ended up falling apart on my end due to RL circumstances but Leketh was responsive, communicative and willing to go the extra mile to try and work with me to see if there was anything that could be done to make it work. That I ended up missing out on a good deal was no one's fault, but I've found a seller I'll happily buy from provided my pocketbook gives me the chance!


sacred tool
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I had a great deal with timbannock. He sent me some great books at a low price. I am very pleased.
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