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[Recruitment]13th Age, Dragon Empire created using Engine of the Ages


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Nate_MI Nate_MI Shadow Hexagram Shadow Hexagram DannyK DannyK Civil Savage Civil Savage Gralhruk Gralhruk EnigmaticOne EnigmaticOne : Thank you for your interest!

As you are considering being part of this venture, let me restate that this starts as a collaborative enterprise for creating our own version of the Dragon Empire to play in. I personally have not tried using Engine of the Ages before, but it looks like a fun way to do collaborative world-building before characters get rolled up to hit the table. If you've ever played Microscope by Ben Robbins, I suspect the experience will be similar but less intensive and immersive.

Here are the initial steps if you're interested in participating.

1. Choose a Faction. This can be any group — a race (player or non-player even monstrous races), a class (e.g. clerics, druids, rogues), or an organization (e.g. The Banks of Glitterhaegen, The Dragon Cavalry, The Koru Behemoth Tribes)— whose history you want to chronicle through the Ages. This can be related to your eventual PC, or it might not, but ideally its a group you want to see involved in the final setting since we're investing into its history.

2. Choose the Icon associated with your Faction. This may be obvious, or not so obvious. Maybe your group had an Icon associated with it in the past, but no longer does, or is no longer powerful and influential enough to be reckoned with. No doubling up.

3. Similar to Microscope, we start the game with Add/Bans. Each player shares:
  1. a theme or a concept to add
  2. a theme or a concept to ban
These can be anything (the book's examples include "things fall from the overworld every age," "no civil wars," "accurate prophecies," "no time travel," "no living dungeons," "elven court intrigues are super-murdery") and it just gives us some initial boundaries and trajectories for us to shape the type of history we're creating together.

4. Lastly, answer a question. How far back do you want to go in history? Do we want to flesh out just recent history (up to the 9th Age or so), go all the way back to the First Age, or somewhere in between?


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I love the Engine of the Ages. I"ll be following this with great interest.


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1: The Magical Colleges of Horizon.

2: The Archmage.

3a: The machinations of Gods Light and Dark are active in this world.
3b: No living dungeons.

4: I'm flexible on the matter. Of course, if we have all seven people join in, there's plenty for 9th-12th Ages.
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1. The Elves.

2. The Elf Queen

3.a. Semi-intelligent pets are common.
3.b. No Occultist... until the current Age.

4. I'd prefer not to have to go through a full 13 Ages. I'm fine with just doing the last two or three.


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1. The City Council of Concord

2. Prince of Shadows

3. a) The magic of Concord enables binding agreements between foes.
b) No civil wars.

4. Whatever works!

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I'm definitely interested but I always have caveats:
  • I'll be traveling August 4-8, probably no posting and a catch-up delay when I get back.
  • I don't have Book of Ages. I conceptually know the idea but don't know details about how it works. (I've played Microscope)
  • I do have a worry that this might be more than I can keep up with. I'll give it a shot, but the game I'm running gets my priority. If me trying for a while and then dropping will be hugely disruptive, tell me and I'll just bow out now.
If those aren't deal-killers, then:

1. Monks
2. Icon: Grandmaster of Flowers
3a. Dueling culture/s (not always to the death)
3b. No time travel
4. Just a few ages is enough for me.


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Thank you for being straight up about your availability, Civil Savage. I do indeed find it very disruptive for PCs to drop out of running games and so I super-appreciate your forthrightness of that possibility. I would agree that its probably best that we part ways before we begin as you have stated, even though I think the Grandmaster of Flowers and monks would be super-awesome to play with!!!! All the best with your current game, and hopefully our paths cross again in different circumstances.

alisandar alisandar : You're in, welcome aboard.
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