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[Recruitment] AD&D 2E - Onto Glory! [Recruitment Full/Closed]

King Hellfire

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To be honest, I was in a hurry and I just slapped down the weapons a mage could use. Will clean that up this afternoon when I deal with proficiencies, et al.
I genuinely couldn't remember if the PHB let you take 'em all from the off, just equally badly!


Meat Popsicle
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Let's get everybody into the IC thread please :) We can fine tune the sheets as we go


Esperanza en Cristo
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Grim Cowshed is a Neutral Good Human Wizard taking his own 1st steps into the real world.

Having just bid his parents farewell and left his tiny hamlet just south of the Verve Forest, Grim had walked and explored the entire way to arrive at Roval only days ago.

Grim is just a boy, barely 16 years of age. Creative, resourceful, and full of pluck, he is only just taking his 1st steps into the real world outside of his little village. Dressed in simple homespun tunic and pants, feet clad in pigskin shoes, a straw hat on his little head, and a walking staff in his hand, the boy spots a messy shock of sandy brown hair over a tanned unremarkable face covered in a light dusting of freckles. His eyes are of the most mesmerizing azure blue, bright and clear, and arresting in their gaze. From a distance away, even before any may lay eyes on him, his presence would already announce itself via a high-pitched prepubescent rendition of a common trail song.

O' path of dirt,
On you lies Mert,
A very merry lad was he!

He walked and skipped,
Talked and leapt,
A cheery song on his lip!

But the trees were tall,
and the forest dark,
Where shadowy things run wild!

Poor Mert went in,
And he never came out,
His final rest within!

King Hellfire

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Sorry my friend, the thread title does say "Recruitment Full/Closed" and the game's in progress, per the GM posting links to the IC and OOC threads above...

King Hellfire

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And hey, the GM may be happy to have a new PC come in, of pop you on the reserve list in case there are any drop-outs. I was just worried when I saw your post that someone had left the game and I hadn't seen their post!
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