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[Recruitment] Elder Scrolls 2.5: Prequel to Morrowind


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Here's my first pass at a Fate character. I have an epic backstory that doesn't technically matter when the game starts, but it's helping me with characterization. I'll jot out ye novelle of Xandar Arkano (a novel) when I get a chance, but... anyway.

Name: Arkano

High Concept
Bretonian Sphere-wandering Eccentric Mage – Arkano is a Breton Mage who escaped the Shivering Isles, wandered Oblivion’s spheres for eons, until he found a way back to Nirn.

Sheogorath’s Favourite Persons – Arkano is the lone survivor of a battle royale in the Shivering Isles, where the daedric prince was attempting to unify the warring factions of Tamriel by having the winner absorb whoever they slew. He impressed the daedric prince by winning, and again by overcoming the madness of warring minds inside him, and again by escaping the Shivering Isles after decades of wandering. Sheogorath likes to pay him visits every hundred years or so.

Conjuror Cosmic –Arkano’s experiences wandering various realms, with varied physical laws and passage of time, has made him a master conjuror and sphere-wandering scholar. Time stopped passing for him in the Shivering Isles, either from the influence of Sheogorath or the absorption of the live energy of so many Mer during the battle royale.

Winterhold Alumnus – Former member of the college, having studied alongside … After his sojourn in Oblivion he first appeared at the College, and was very happy for the refuge from constant danger.

Free Aspect[edit]
A – A

Careful [+0]

Clever [+3]

Flashy [+1]

Forceful [+2]

Quick [+1]

Sneaky [+2]

Atronachs Assemble! –Arkano can conjure atronachs out of the elements when he needs them. His favourite is a flame Atronach who has developed a stronger personality over hundreds of years.

Akashic Social Media AKA “Hey, wait, I remember this!” or “Um, Actually…” or “I should know: I was there.”– Arkano has access to the memories of dozens of heroes stored in his mind like a soul stone library. He has also studied long in many libraries, and lived for centuries as part of history. He knows a lot, has experienced a great deal, and can pull surprising facts on any subject.

Guardian Ward– Arkano instinctively guards himself with a ward, rebuffing attacks reflexively, sometimes before he’s consciously aware of them.

Refresh [2]
Okay, so let me get this straight -- you're a batshit crazy Breton conjurer with an ageless perspective? You sure you're not just Dyus of Mytheria?

Still, cool.

Let me break it down.

High Concept: This is fine, but let's trim it down a bit, shall we? Unless the "eccentric" part plays a major role in how you portray the character, let's go with something like... Oblivion Walking Breton Mage. Something short, sweet, and to the point.

Trouble: If Sheogorath -- and the myriad personalities that reside in Arkano's mind as a result of his experiences in the Shivering Isles -- will actually end up causing him trouble (and then likely will, since one of the four corners of the Dunmeri House of Troubles in Morrowind is Sheogorath) then this is just fine in my book.

Profession: This is just fine too. I like the snappy tone you put to it.

Connection: Here's where we have an issue -- this aspect is supposed to represent your connection to another member of the group. So, think about some way you could be connected to another player character and then replace this aspect with that instead.

Free Aspect: You can make this whatever you want. Personally I recommend an object, place, or ideal, but that's just me.

Your Approaches are just fine too. Good work. (y)

Okay, now Stunts. You have some good ideas, but they need to be mechanically defined. Let's start with the first one.

Atronachs Assemble!: I'm fine with this, but there needs to be some kind of limit. Let's restructure the stunt like this... Since I am a Conjurer Cosmic, once per scene I can summon an elemental Atronach (fire, frost, or lightning) when I have need of it.
  • Atronach Stats: Forceful +3, Careful -2, 4 stress boxes, Elemental Rage: Once per summoning, automatically create an advantage with one free invoke after a successful attack on a foe. This advantage must be related to the element of the Atronach, such as On Fire, Frozen Solid, or Electric Jitters.
Akashic Social Media: First, let's the change the name. How about... Been There, Seen That? Secondly, this ability is too powerful. Again, we need to restrict it. However, even with the restriction this aspect does let you make rolls to know things others couldn't possibly know or figure out. So let's do this... Since I have access to the memories of uncountable heroes, once per game session I can automatically adjust a roll involving history, lore, or knowledge of Oblivion as though I rolled a +4 on the dice.

Guardian Ward: Again, just needs a quick mechanical restructuring. This one is easy! ...Since I am a powerful mage, I get a +2 whenever I Cleverly Defend against spells or attacks of a magical nature.

Finally, your Refresh should be 3, not 2.
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