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[recruitment Helios Book 2]


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(Preface: This is regarding a play by forum game running on my own phpBB site. Site link is at the end of this post.)

Helios book 2.

What came before.

Helios book 1 was a four year play by forum post campaign that ended in June 2019. Based loosely on books by Dean Koontz. Set in an alternative 2020 Detroit it involved a covert war against Victor Helios, a billionaire secretly replacing people with the intent of eliminating the human race in favour of his own creations, the deeply flawed New Race. During the campaign it was revealed that Victor was likely a two century old Victor Frankenstein, still alive thanks to an exotic energy he also used in animating his clone empire.

The plot is further complicated by aliens known as Providers arriving in the alternate 2016. Helios stole from them a genetic and tech database, and used it to experiment on thousands of captive humans, and vastly more through a business takeover of much of the world's prison systems. Book 1's heroes emerged as escaped experimental subjects, with superhuman abilities that have grown over the course of the game. Events progressed from survival horror to super-heroics as the scale of power slipped from Victors grasp.

Where we are now.

Frankenstein is dead! Bested by our heroes on the 3rd of October 2020. With his death his empire crumbled instantly. Active New Race clones of politicians, police, media, and others have dropped dead by the millions creating mass chaos. The prisons and secret prisons that were under Helios control are failing, releasing the empowered across the globe. The world is irrevocably changed.

The player base.

During the 1st campaign enhanced prisoners were liberated from another secret Helios lab, and more from a Helios controlled psychiatric hospital. New characters can be already present as some of those rescued, constrained from previous field work, by fear for loved ones, or medical needs. Or with the recent chaos, new heroes can emerge from freshly failed Helios facilities. The heroes have an underground base constructed for them by the Providers, and are beginning a relationship with the US government.

The system.

Helios uses 'Edge' a game system developed in New Zealand and adapted for the setting. The rules are self contained on the Helios forums, and players have found character development easy and highly adaptable. It uses a point buy process. Die rolls are typically handled by the DM for expedience, although there has been a die roller added to the forum.


https://lazloki.com/viewforum.php?f=4 Preparing for book 2 we've migrated to a new improved forum.
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