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[Recruitment] In the Shadow of Orion - Delta Green


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Recently up and about trying to look for a DG game to try out since I'm a newcomer. Otherwise, familiar with some lore.

Went here 'cause there's another PBP site that's bitchy about my IP.


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If you're hurting for players, I would be up for a DG character as well. I've had these books for years and only played a game or two in college. Would like to break them out once again.

Got an idea for a CDC Pathology Investigator with a focus on psychology, but I'm flexible. I'm already a cog in the government machine, so I know a few things in there already.


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Me too, I love the system in its new Arc Dream incarnation, but the only game I was involved in disappeared along with its GM.

I'd rather not be the GM, but if we don't scare up another one, I'm willing to give it a go.


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I'm thinking about this.
Re-running a 1991 campaign set in the Philippines.
Paul are you interested?
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