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[Recruitment] Savage Rifts: What Was Once Lost [FULL]


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Job postings have been recently going up in several cities with the following:

WANTED: Brave souls interested in going on archaeological exploration all around the world.
See Lak Sloan in Queenston Harbor for details.
Dimensional Beings welcome.

Queenston Harbor is a wealthy free port city built on the south shore of Lake Erie, near the ruins of Cleveland. The city is a trading and service center that caters specifically to the needs of pirates and privateers. The city is home to numerous taverns, casinos, drug dens, inns, arms dealers, and magic shops.

This game will not be confined to that area. In fact, it will (hopefully) take you all over the ruins of earth in search for relics, artifacts, lost technology, and wealth.

Bring your own gun.


This is going to be a game of Savage Rifts.

That being said, I want to get this out in the open - You are not a member of the Tomorrow Legion. Forget it. We aren't following that stuff. From a setting perspective, we are going with the setting details from the original Rifts books, not just what is outlined in the Savage Rifts books. Rifts Books = setting, Savage Rifts/Savage Worlds books = mechanics. Plain and simple.

Knowledge of the setting as it's outlined in the Rifts books isn't required to play, just know that there is a massive ton of content I'll be pulling stuff from, not just the 20ish pages of fluff in the Savage Rifts book. That being said, you aren't part of any of the big factions. You might run into the CS from time to time, but it won't be a major thing.

Your employer is a human Techno-Wizard by the name of Lak Sloan. He is on a quest to recover lost technology and other such things of the past. But he isn't much of a combatant. He needs meatshields and bruisers. That's your job.

Payment for your services will be in the form of an equal share of all loot, recovered technology, secrets, and relics that your team is able to recover.

Because this is Rifts, you can action. Lots of action.

Posting Frequency

I would like to see each player able to post daily on weekdays. 4 posts/week is fine, but 5 is preferred. I am not very active on weekends here and won't post much on them usually.


I think I should advise all interested parties that I have never run Savage Rifts before. While I am intimately fimiliar with the Rifts setting (having run dozens of campaigns and played in just as many), I have never played or run it with the Savage Worlds system before. Expect me to fumble on the rules a bunch.

Dice Rolling

Dice Rolling will be handled via orokos under the campaign name "What Was Once Lost". Dice rolls will not count UNLESS they have that descriptor on the campaign name for the dice roll. The reason for this is all dice rolls made by myself and players will all appear on this page which is really handy: http://orokos.com/roll/c-What+Was+Once+Lost

Additionally, I highly recommend you make use of the modifiers to the dice formula. Specifically o (lets you declare each die cast is an open roll) and x which lets you specify a TN. Example: I roll 1d8 for some kind of standard test (TN4 in SW), I could just put 1d8+1d6, or I could punch in this fancy formula which will automatically make both die rolls open-ended and declares how many successes based on the TN4:

Test roll 1d8: 1d8o8x4+1d6o6x4 0 => I rolled a 1 and 3, neither of which passed so I got 0 successes.

Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the roller options (just click the little [help] link to the right of the Dice to roll field to see what you can do).

Let me be crystal clear here - dice rolls will not be counted if they do not appear here: http://orokos.com/roll/c-What+Was+Once+Lost

Races & Archetypes

You are not limited to the races and archetypes listed in the Savage Rifts books. If you are familiar with Rifts and want to design something custom, I am all for it. Just run it past me on what you had in mind. If it's something that exists in the Rifts books, just let me know which book it's from.


If you are interested, please reply with the following information:

-Archetype (or info on your custom archetype if you plan to do one)
-Aside from making enemies explode, does your character bring any other useful skills/capabilities to the team?

Please don't post a completed character sheet until I've accepted your application.

The following players expressed interested in the meta games you want to play thread. I'm just tagging them here. This does not guarantee you a spot, just a friendly heads up that the game is up: EnigmaticOne EnigmaticOne , Yellow Signatory Yellow Signatory , GaoGaiGar GaoGaiGar , thirdkingdom thirdkingdom , S stinkyfool
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Well, I'm here and interested.

- Race: Human
- Archetype: Burster
- Specialties: Black Market knowledge and skills (there will be rolls on the Underworld Black Ops table).

Beyond Reality

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I'd be interested as well.

-Race: Dragon Hatchling
-Archetype: the same
-Academic understanding of magic, utility psionics (mind reading and healing) and the advantages of having mega-strength in human form (helping with transportation, heavy lifting, etc).


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I'm gonna let concepts come in over the next day or so to see who's interested before saying yes or no to specific pitches. Gives people time to see this thread and come up with a pitch, but will answer questions when they come in

How do you feel about giant robot pilots and their mecha for the game?
The last campaign I ran we had a flying skull pilot. I'm 100% ok with giant robots and vehicles.


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Hey there. Admittedly, I'm extremely new to RPGing like this, but have been trying to get my feet wet and would be interested in joining your game if you're okay with having someone with not a lot of (if any) knowledge of Savage Rifts. I will say that I am a fast learner and am excited to try something new. Plus this seems like an amazing mashup of sci-fi and fantasy!

Anyway, I'll take some time to research the Rifts, but in the meantime, I am officially expressing interest.


Race -Human- (playing it safe)

Archetype -Sharpshooter/Assassin- (Not the up-in-your-face type.)

Aside from making enemies explode, does your character bring any other useful skills/capabilities to the team? - My character is a team-player. Knowing that she would have a difficult time surviving on her own, she will do whatever her allies ask of her in order to earn her keep. Mutual survival over assured destruction.
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