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[Recruitment] Savage Rifts: What Was Once Lost [FULL]


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Ok, not sure if it's a good build but have a first cut here except for gear spending. ANy advice would be appreciated, and let me know if you catch any errors. Family ended up staying longer than expected so pretty tired working on this.

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I don’t think any Rifts characters need to... or even CAN... buy starting gear with credits, barring the Rich edge. The starting packages are solid and balanced.


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Since we are using Adventure Edition, I used what was listed as starting gear in the updated Tomorrow Legion guide playetest for Adventurer's edition to try to keep the powers consistent, and that had the listing for credits and gear. Just a warning, I do have a trip this week Thursday-Sunday. I anticipate being able to post daily, but particularly Saturday I may be busy.


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Is the game still full with the recent exit of third kingdom?

I have the SW and SW Rifts books, with some original Rifts books about. I have read widely and thought about it, but never had a game of Rifts happen beyond chargen (specifically Palladium Rifts, first edition, a burster. The GM talked about meeting a dragon hatchling in a mountain area, then we took a break for lunch... and never started playing).

I don’t have a character or anything, just asking.


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When looking through the rulebook, I saw that with Filthy Rich, you can trade all five of your equipment rolls for a robot vehicle, and the Personal Concept MARS template gives you plenty of edges.

I did a test of that with Ronin to see if I could get everything she had as a robot vehicle ace and she came out considerably more broadly capable (and richer) with the Personal Concept... Being able to pick your MARS table roll and not being penalized on the Hero's Journey rolls really made a difference. I re-rolled the Dirty Fighting training, on the basis of she already had one up-close fighting Training that wouldn't work in the cockpit (And again after it came up a second time).

It is kind of cheesy to try and game the system this way, but would you mind if I switched out builds? I fully understand if not.

Edit: And as I read the Pinnacle forum, it looks like they're going to revise Filthy Rich to not allow for giant robots, so disregard this!

Spoiler: Show

Personal Concept


3 Agility D12
0 Strength D4
1 Smarts D8
1 Spirit D6
1 Vigor D6


Ace (archetype)
Robot Vehicle Jock (archetype)
Rich (Human)
2 Filthy Rich trade 5 for giant robot
Rock n’ Roll
Martial Artist
Ms. Fix It
Rapid Fire


Code of Honor
Quirk - Dramatic Presentation

2 Agility to D10

MARS choice Smart & Learned (Battle, Repair, Healing)

Training table

Training Test 1: 1d20 5 Martial Artist

Training Test 2: 1d20 15 Any Combat Edge (Rock n Roll)

Training Test 3: 1d20 14 Dirty Fighter

Training Test 4: 1d20 14 (Dirty Fighter again!)

Training Test 5: 1d20 2 Combat Training +3 skill points for fighting, shooting, athletics - All 3 to shooting


4 Piloting D12
3 Electronics D8
-Athletics D4
1 Common Knowledge D6
2 Notice D8
0 Persuasion D4
-Stealth D4
1 Shooting d12
4 Fighting d10
1 Repair D8
0 Healing D6
2 Survival D6
1 Battle D6
2 Driving D6

Advance 1 Agility to d12
Advance 2 +1 Pilot, Shooting
Advance 3 Edge: Ms. Fix It
Advance 4 Edge: Rapid Fire

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Is anyone REALLY a
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There was just an update to the Tomorrow Legion Player's guide, though I don't think anyone had a majorly affected character type.
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