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[Recruitment] Tails of Equestria Elseworlds: The Mare in the High Castle


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Body: D8 / Mind: D6 / Charm: D6 / Stamina: 14

Cloud Wrangler (CM): D10, Fly: D10, Special Skill (Bad Weather): D6, Shock: D4

Quirks: Messy

Equipment: He travels light – flight suit, goggles, a change of clothes. Food if he won’t be able to buy it. Rope, if he’s likely to especially if he’s traveling with groundpounders non-pegasi.

Appearance: Ice-blue coat, two-toned mane – pale blue and white.
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Similar to Trixie’s color scheme, but a little more saturated.
By my math, you should either have 2 talents at D10 and 2 at D4, 2D10 1D6, or 1 D10 1D8 1D6 and 1D4. You start with 2 at D6, can increase 2 each level, and then either gain a new one at D4 or increase a third.

OTOH, I'm not sure if you need both Cloud Wrangler and Special Skill: Bad Weather, though I realize it's supposed to be his specialty. It will mean he gets two dice rolled (and even a D6 helps reduce the chance of a spectacularly bad roll) on cloud wrangling checks to create bad weather, though, so it's not useless - just very specialized.

The background looks good, and it appears that's everyone who expressed interest (yay!). I'll get to work planning intro scenarios for everyone, though I have some stuff happening today, and I should have the threads up by tomorrow morning at the latest.


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The quick-start file I had said to upgrade 3 talents each level.

Going with 2/level:
1st: d6, d6
2nd: d8, d8, d4
3rd: d10, d8, d6, d4

I'll fix the post above.
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