IC Red Markets - Get Rich or Die Trying


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OOC: Awareness +2 = 6/5 [4; 5] success. Are the bullet holes going into the closet, or out of the closet, or both?
The shell casings are outside of the closet door. To the best of your ability and provided with the evidence you have, you can determine that the shooting happened from where you’re standing and was directed *into* the closet through the door.

With much of the focus made inside the cabin, you and Rags take a quick tour around the area.
It doesn’t take long, Rags isn’t very interested in anything else besides an area some distance from the cabin in wooded area.

He starts to dig and quickly turns up a hand... then an arm... and then the rest of the body sans the man’s right leg. He was shot in the head from behind and it looks like his right leg had been sawn off at the hip.

On your way back to the cabin and the others your path brings past the rear of the cabin where you pass by a fire pit and a charred leg missing long slices from the burnt flesh...


Armed with the knowledge that the shooting was directed into the closed closet, what do you do?

Whisper is nearby and set up for a quick shot should anything untoward stumble out.


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Collar looks over his shoulder to make sure Whisper is there and ready. A shared nod and short prayer later and one hand is reaching tentatively towards the closet handle, the other with his pistol ready.

The door creaks open and... Collar’s shoulders slump.

He turns to you Whisper and says, “Another unfortunate soul lost to Terrace’s deceit.”, and then walks away from the closet door leaving it open.

Inside is a body covered in bites. Another of the crew most likely judging from the clothing. Best guess would be he went vector and was confined to the closet. The others unloaded on it through the door, one bullet thankfully destroying the brain so that it didn’t return as a C.

The upstairs bedrooms are empty.

Kennel returns shortly after to share his findings.

Four takers found on the site, all dead. A tragedy as a result of a terrible client mad for a piece of land.

Those four could’ve been you.

But it thankfully wasn’t, job done. Time to let Terrace know.

OOC: Collar, Kennel, and Whisper need to make Self-Control checks. These are level 1 Detachment tests.

Moonchild needs to make the roll only if what was found is shared with him.

Job done! And a nice payout. It was doubled from Kennel’s earlier Intimidation against Terrace when the truth came out. I’ll get the payment info posted in the ooc tomorrow most likely. Congrats, you survived!
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Kennel sighed heavily, clucking and calling Rags away from his discovery of the buried man. The leg in the fire pit missing slices out of it... the dead man in a shallow grave... It spoke to the worst sort of desperation. He patted Rags and started walking slowly back to the cabin. Once in range he waved over to Moonchild. "I think I found another member of the crew," he said. "We don't have to worry about him coming after us."
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