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Reuse/sale of game art across books?


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So, I'm thumbing through my copy of 10th Anniversary Fudge; a gift for my birthday. I'm looking at the cool pictures and I'm noticing that some of these look familiar.

Then it hits me: some of them were in Hero 5th as well (the Genre-by-Genre section).

This is the first time I've noticed it (there is another - there is a picture of a speedester in GURPS Powers which I think I saw in M&M 2nd but I'm not sure and haven't actually looked). Is this often done in gaming and I just don't notice? Which ones have you seen?


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Many small publishers don't buy the art they use, but buy the rights to publish them in their work. It saves them money because the artist can resell the same work.

Check out the art for sale at drivethrurpg, they have an entire section available to purchase publishing rights. These images can all be used by anyone that buys the rights to them, and could appear in one, two, ten or a hundred books.


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I recall that a number of European/UK releases of Tunnels & Trolls used cover art that was also used on a couple of TSR's 1st ed. AD&D supplements.
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