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RIFTS mini-con in Los Angeles this weekend


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This news is very cool, but for a specific audience.

LOSCON - a science fiction convention in Los Angeles - is hosting a RIFTS mini-con!

Anyone who enjoys RIFTS (Palladium or Savage Worlds) or who would like to try RIFTS...and who will be in Los Angeles this weekend.

LOSCON is Friday and Saturday after Turkey Day.

Friday 5pm to Midnight of 5 tables of play for 2 separate sessions with each session consisting of 3 hrs each.
Saturday 9am to 10pm of 5 tables of play for 3 separate sessions with each session consisting of 3hrs each.

Also, I understand THIS is the first time LosCon has had RPGs on the schedule.

Here is some info about the RIFTS event
The event is a Rifts GM tourney - aka, GMs bring their best to score points from the players.

If you are in Southern California and enjoy RIFTS, you can play 2 days of Rifts.
15 hours of Rifts over 5 events are already scheduled (both Palladium and Savage Worlds), and additional games may be added too.

November 24th and 25th
Los Angeles Airport Marriott
5855 W Century Blvd
Los Angeles , CA 90045
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