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Rock Concerts You've Been At!


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I did some research on the Division Bell Tour and noted there were actually three concerts on May 19th, 20th, and 22nd at the Foxboro Stadium in 1994. So I may not have the exact date. But it was around this time-frame. And May 20th, 1994 was a Friday -- and I am pretty sure it was a Friday we saw them. It was the funniest thing. Some things were being passed around in front of us. Then security came over with their flashlight, pointing right at it. They passed it to him for a puff or two. Then he nodded in agreement with the group and then went about their merry business. o_O
I found my ticket:



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I dug into this with the aid of setlist.fm a while back, inspired by a TO thread about the first concerts people had attended. The following list is mostly complete and includes shows I couldn't find on the site but still remember seeing (opening acts listed second) :

School Days (HS/Uni, San Jose, CA 1982-90)
The Tubes (Spartan Stadium, San Jose, 6/12/1982, following a North American Soccer League game)
Thomas Dolby/Modern English (Warfield Theater, SF, 5/24/1984)
X/Translator (Marriott’s Great America, Santa Clara, 7/28/1984)
The Who (Oakland Coliseum? Aug 29 or 30, 1989 (this would have been a Day on the Green, but I remember it being just a single show, so I’m a little confused)
Debbie Harry/The Ramones/Tom Tom Club/Jerry Harrison (Escape From New York tour, Greek Theater, Berkeley 8/11/1990)
Elvis Costello and the Attractions/ Nick Lowe and his Cowboy Outfit (Greek Theater, 9/14/1984)
Voice Farm (’89 or ’90, at the Edge in Palo Alto or Cactus Club in San Jose, probably)
Dead Milkmen (Maybe? If so, probably Cactus Club 2/16/1989)
Devo (Fillmore, SF, 10/26/1988 or Oasis SF, 10/25 or 12/11/1988—Total Devo tour)
Catheads/Frontier Wives/Whipping Boy (would have been San Jose or Santa Clara in the mid-‘80s, part of a long bill including Camper Van Beethoven, whom we didn’t see because it ran too late. It was one night in a three-night festival.)

Grad School Days (Champaign, IL 1990-2000)
Man or Astro-Man? (Mabel’s, Champaign, 7/17/1994; Gunnerz, Iowa City, 10/8/1996)
Toasters (Mabel’s? Not confirmed)
Astro-Man Gamma Clones/Ultrababyfat (The Office, Champaign, 9/29/1998)
Mono Men (Champaign, but not Mabel’s. Someplace downtown. The Blind Pig, prolly.)
Difficult Listening (Mabel’s)
Mojo Nixon and the Toadliquors (some venue in Urbana)

Back in the Bay (Benicia, CA 2000-)
Weird Al Yankovic (Alameda County Fair, Pleasanton, 7/5/2013)
Chris Thile (Mondavi Center, Davis, 2/15/2014)
Iron and Wine (Warfield, SF, 10/21/2017?)
Punch Brothers (Fox Theater, Oakland 8/22/2018)

I'm pretty sure there was another Iron & Wine show in the last six or eight years, but damned if I can remember when.
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Oh man, I've been to a lot of shows over the years, and I can't remember all of them. The three big ones I've seen this year (so far) are:

- Peter Murphy, when he did his week long residency in San Francisco
- Killing Joke, who I finally got to see after wanting to for decades
- Slipknot, with Gojira, Behemoth, and a real shitastic band that I won't mention the name of opening. My friend wanted to go due to Slipknot (not that I don't like them, cuz I do, but I'm not as into them as he is), and I tagged along because fucking GOJIRA was on the bill.

The three bands that I've seen more than any other are Rush, OIngo Boingo, and Tool. Mr. Ex Nihilo Mr. Ex Nihilo , my first Rush show was during the Hold Your Fire tour. :D

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Ugh, I forgot to include the Weezer concert when they opened for No Doubt in Vancouver in 1996.

I'm not entirely surprised I forgot that concert, but it was also a good one.

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Not many.

Live- '95 approximately. Of course, this could lead to "Who's on First" levels of shenanigans.

"I saw the band Live."
"You saw The Band, live?"
"No, Live."
"They weren't there either."

The Cure- '97. Fuck YES
Did you ever see, "Yes"? I always wondered how they would be live. :ROFLMAO:

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Tweeter Center:
Tom Petty, Jacksone Browne opening

United Center:
Tom Petty, supported by Steve Windwood.
Tom Petty was a big one for me. I always wanted to see him and was really bummed when he passed away. Glen Frey and Prince were two more that really saddened me when they passed. But Tom Petty was a big loss for me.

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The first (and so far only) concert I've ever been to...I was misled about where my friend was taking me. A trip to a 'cool event' turned out to be Carman's 'Addicted to Jesus' World Tour. It was startling how much worse that was than you're imagining it to be. I've never wanted to be crammed into a crowd that big since.
I generally don't do well with crowd's either. Up front with Rush was probably the most crammed concert I was at. And it was really, really packed up near the front of the stage.

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Never been much for going to concerts, so I don't have a very extensive history...

1987 - U2 on the Joshua Tree tour
1988 - Sting on the Nothing Like the Sun
1989 - REM on the Green tour
1993 - Paul McCartney on the New World tour
1994 - Sting on the Ten Summoner's Tales tour
1997 - The Rolling Stones on the Bridges to Babylon tour (along with Third Eye Blind, Dave Matthews Band and Smashing Pumpkins)
2002 - Green Day and Blink-182 on the Pop Disaster tour
2002 - Garbage and No Doubt co-headlining on the respective Beautiful Garbage/Rock Steady tours
2005 - Green Day on the American Idiot tour
2007 - The Police reunion tour
2015 - Weird Al Yankovic on the Mandatory tour

Now, if you count bands I saw live thanks to them appearing at the various theme parks around town, well....

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
The Smithereens
Jerry Lee Lewis
The Beach Boys
KC and the Sunshine Band
Dee Snyder
Pat Benatar
Living Colour
Village People
Cindy Lauper
The Hooters

And probably a good handful more I can't remember off the top of my head.
That's a good list. I think the Police would probably be on the top of my list if I had to choose from your list. Although Foreigner, Kansas, R.E.M. and Pat Benatar would probably be on there, too.
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