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[Rogue Trader] Starship Size Visualizer (Courtesy of Google Maps)


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We all know 40K ships are big, right? Well now you can visualize exactly how big they really are... by dropping one on your house! Or recreate Independence Day with 40 warships by flying one over the White House. :D

I have been playing with the Google Maps API and put a simple web app together to place various imperial starships onto any map, at the right scale.



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Where's the +1 button when you need one?

I see a sinister Facebook button at the top of the page. I demand equal time for my candidate! :D


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This is really great.
It's pretty hard to visualise something of this size based on fairly abstract measurements.
With this and the aid of some useful landmarks, I can look out the window and see exactly how big the ships are.

Fantastic work!


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hmmm, the 12km long Universe class transport is smaller then the 7.5km Grand Cruiser.

edit: nevermind, mine was just being odd.

I think it's safe to say that ship populations are a lot less then they should be. God lord, the turret part of a Lance is several city blocks tall.
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