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[Rogue Trader] Twilight Crusade and Tau PCs


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So, I am starting a new Rogue Trader campaign using the Twilight Crusade adventure as a launching point and I just bought the Tau Character Guide, so I am eager to use that. The player in our group who plays Tau in 40k has signed on to play a Fire Warrior, and I've decided to keep it at the one Tau PC to keep the Tau as an element in the Rogue Trader mix without overpowering the central themes of Rogue Trader.

Here's my problem: What role should I have my Tau PC take on in the NPC Hunter Cadre? I would like his character to have a fairly involved role in the story - he is a PC after all and needs a reason to keep interacting with the Rogue Trader and his crew. However, I cannot make him TOO important because he is a Rank 1 Fire Warrior.

Obviously as a PC with Fate Points he is more powerful than any NPC Fire Warrior, so I was planning on making him a Shas'ui and giving him a squad of Fire Warriors to command, which would put him in the chain of command. He could perhaps also be designated as a liason for the cadre with the humans, therefore giving him plot justification.

Any ideas? Has anyone run Twilight Crusade with Tau PCs, and if so, how did you handle it?


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Not familiar with that particular campaign, but perhaps he was raised on a planet with a large human population? He's more used to dealing with the Gue'la, so his commanders fast track his promotion in order to put him in a position where his knowledge can be best put to use. An understanding of human psychology would make him a vital asset to cooperative efforts, and, who knows? If he gets the humans to trust him, he could gather information on them for the Empire, or perhaps even convince some wealthy and influential humans to follow the path of the Greater Good....
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