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Roll20/Sarasota, FL (If I'm really lucky) - Scion 2nd ed - Player - Looking to join


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Play Location/Method: Roll20 most likely, but would be nice if it was in Sarasota, FL
Game/System: Scion 2nd ed
Player or GM? Player
Time/Frequency: Open to discussion, but preferably weekly or at least every other week.
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Current needs: A game to join in to, or even a Storyguide for a solo campaign that could expand to include others
Accept Drop-In Players? Up to the Storyguide
Accept Spectators? Yes or No ("not too many as space is limited", "contact first", etc)
Short description of the setting/campaign (5 lines or less): The World, as described in the books


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Hi, I'm not in Sarasota but I am close by, Tampa. I might be going to try to organize a Scion game soon.
DM me and we can see if would be able to join up.
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