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Rotted Capes Survivors Guide KS off and shambling

Tango Samurai

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The excellent Rotted Capes RPG from Paradigm Concepts has it's first follow up supplement.
Plus the extra tiers allow for getting the RPG, published adventures, and GM screen as part of the pledge.

I have Rotted Capes and it is a very good low-mid crunch supers game with rotting zombie add-on goodness.
This supports extra character types and origins.

If you were curious and never jumped in, this could be a great launch point for you.

Ghost Rider 2099

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I know there is a Podcast of gameplay but wondering if anyone has created a video of game play anywhere? Love to see the main game in action! I have pledged to the new KS already as the game idea has me very interested!


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Thank you for spreading the word, Tango Samurai and Ghost Rider 2099!

We're at the final 48 hour mark of the Kickstarter and we're very close to unlocking Stretch Goal #5 - a brand new Rotted Capes adventure!

So, if you've been on the fence, now's a good time to jump onboard. Not only are you getting a 48 page book for the paltry sum of $15 (MSRP $20), but you'll also recieve 3 Threat Dossier entries and, with your help, a new adventure.

That's a great deal, anyway you cut it.

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