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[RPG]: Aces & Eights: Reloaded, reviewed by baakyocalder (4/5)


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Since the game is now available from the Kenzer & Company website for non-backers, an update on the prices and a link to the website page

Prices for the core book: $69.99 plus shipping for the hardcover and $49.99 for the PDF

Showdown (combat rules and scenarios): $14.99 PDF and you'll need to print out the Shot Clock on transparency paper

Cattle Drive, Frontier Justice and Prospecting Mini-Games: $4.99 each in PDF

Stagecoach King microgame PDF: $14.99

Harshaw Creek town supplement PDF: $14.99

website link:

I am finding the game holds up as expected. It's got a lot of western canvas to paint on. Harshaw Creek, a drag-and-drop western town, is going to work a lot better if you do a little research on the area you plan to drop it in and also read it carefully as there are omissions and inconsistencies which can make play tough. Also, there are no interior maps for Harshaw Creek buildings.

For you to chew on, here's a Harshaw Creek player's map. The other map does have a key--though if your town runs anything like mine you'll be revising the key.


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