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RPG Blow Out


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These ones are Sold

RPG TSR 9568 AD&D MOONLIGHT MADNESS Dungeons & Dragons
RPG Chaosium 2302 Call of Cthulhu SHADOWS OF YOG-SOTHOTH (handouts uncut between pages 36-37?) YES
RPG Chaosium 2379 Call of Cthulhu LAST RITES horror
RPG UNSPEAKABLE OATH 13 Call of Cthulhu H P Lovecraft
RPG UNSPEAKABLE OATH 14/15 Call of Cthulhu Lovecraft


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I'm interested in your Ghostbusters stuff. How about $5 each (not including Tobin's)

These are free on gbfans.com but it would be nice to have the hardcopy stuff.

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