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[RPG]: Happy Birthday, Robot!, reviewed by shouit (5/4)


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well, basically, could you give an example of how a game played out?
Sure, I thought I did but maybe I can be a little clearer. The player whose turn it is, is called the Storyteller. When it's his turn, he rolls dice as explained above, He then writes a sentence about the story that is being written by the group. If he is first player, he can somewhat establish the story. Lets say I get 6 words, I could write,

"Robot walks into a bar and sits.."

He doesn't end the sentence but leaves it open ended a bit. He can use Robot for free. The person his right gets to add to this sentence with one free AND and the number of AND dice he has. Say he had four so he could add..

"Robot walks into a bar and sits.. down on the donkey"

The person on his left then gets to add a free BUT and how many BUT dice he has. Say he has 2. He could make the final sentence...

"Robot walks into a bar and sits down on the donkey... but he fell."

The play moves to the left and that story teller starts a new sentence. It continues till someone gets 10 coins as explained above.

Does this explanation help?
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