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Hi there. Like some / many of the others here I've got an idea that I'm working into a game.

What I want to do before I invest a mountain of hours into it, is just sense check the overall story theme to see if it takes your interest - please let me know!

The elevator pitch is:

"Its 2035 and the world around is turning toxic. The oceans are barren and the human population ravaged by overcrowding, famine and disease. Some of the worlds governments and corporations band together forming the Exodus Committee to find a way to get as much of the human race off this dying planet and on to another one. Research into faster-than-light travel has an unexpected side-effect and opens (at least) three portals to other dimensions. One leads to a place that looks like Eden - forests, grasslands an unspoiled world. As the Exodus Committee scrambles to contain and manage this portal and the knowledge of its existence, teams of military contractors are deployed to provide security on both sides of the portals. The players are one such team, sent through the portal to recon a new world for the human race."

There are a number of additional details and factors that play into this, hopefully to make for a deeper and more surprising game world.

The game features a mix of near future sci-fi with fantasy elements, bare-map exploration and map-making, along with a core narrative campaign.

But if I can't get anyone interested with the base pitch - no one will ever know.

Any feedback much appreciated, and thanks in advance.


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I might say that you should make the solution also the problem. That is to say, the solution is making portals to another world, a portal to the other world should be the problem. If the evacuation was because a portal to a toxic dimension opened and can't be shut off, I would find that much more satisfying than "We made portals to fix something unrelated."

I hope this helps!
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