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RPGs as Clingy Girlfriends


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Sangrolu said:
Dungeons & Dragons is like an old girlfriend. You've had trysts with her a few times, but you've had your difficulties. At times you might even say that she was "unstable." But man was she fun.

But now she's back. She still has some of those old quirks. But she's lost lost some weight, worked out some of her personal issues. She has that same old fun-loving smile. And she wants you back.

You can't stay mad, can you?

Your friends tell you she's not worth it. But you know better. :)
I think you know where I'm going with this - give me your impressions of your own loves.

My turn:

Storyteller is like dating one of those intellectual, artsy women that loves to use big words to impress people. But soon after you move in together, you realize she's got some disgusting habits, takes forever to actually do something, and uses the "artistic" side of her personality as an excuse from doing anything functional. Instead of a give and take relationship, you end up having to make the bed, do the dishes, walk the dog, and then go to work, simply because she can't be bothered with helping you do it. When she does try to do stuff, she'll never do it the same way twice, and she'll almost always do it some long, roundabout way, when the simple one will suffice.

About a month after you move in, you realize that she's not artsy at all, but just lazy. Eventually, she's belching in bed, until you break up.

She'll come back, 2, three times, say she's "changed," "a new me," "revised" - but she hasn't changed anything more than her haircolor, and after a while you just get frustrated with her little quirks.

Her younger sister, on the other hand, who has a sense of Adventure....


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Funksaw said:
About a month after you move in, you realize that she's not artsy at all, but just lazy.
As someone who's in the middle of a Storyteller break-up (it wasn't a very long affair) all I have to say is that you freaking NAILED it!



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I've had a long on again and off again relationship with Storyteller. My problem is she just won't go away. My friends all love her, but I just can't seem to get rid of her.
I'm seeing Riddle of Steel on the side. She's a bit different. While having some vague similarities to Storryteller, she does something. I have to get after her every now and then, but she doesn't get mad.
She's like a powerhouse when it does come time to do something, doing it quickly efficiently, and it's usually fun. ;)
I alo have a little something going with Unknown Armies. I just met her and we don't know each other well enough yet. She looks nice, she smells nice, and she's saying all the right things. We'll see how it goes.
Remember gaming is like sex, bad gaming is better than no gaming.


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Gaming is like sex is like pizza: Even when it's bad, it's pretty good.

So you just pass Storyteller around like a cheap whore? You oughtta be ashamed of yourself. Even Storyteller deserves better than that!

Oh, and be careful, you could catch a disease like that. Herpes Splat or something...


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i don't think so

Zamiel said:
Remember gaming is like sex, bad gaming is better than no gaming.
Mayhaps you just haven't had sex or gaming that's as bad as it could get.

And I never would wish either situation on anyone.

Ignorance is bliss.

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How about the small half-japanese girl, BESM?

She seems manic at sometimes; a little too concerned with what i think of her... but every time I watch an anime with her, I fall in love all over again.
Just watch out for her big brother, SAS. He'll kick your ass and take names.


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I've seen a lot of systems come and go. D&D was my first and I'll never forget her; but she's changed now, and so have I. We sometimes get together to reminice about old times, like when my Mage got turned into a frog-person, and actually became more effective in combat.

I was with Shadowrun for a while; but the way she resolved tasks was too much at odds with the way I liked to do things. We broke it off a few years ago, but I still remember. I went out with Cyberpunk a few times, because she reminded me of Shadowrun; but she was too serious for me. She liked songs that 'had a message' and I just wanted to have a good time. It didn't last long.

I met Hero in a bookstore. We hit it off right away. She was smart, she was pretty, and she was willing. Oh, how willing she was. Whatever I wanted, she was behind me all the way.

However, the relationship lacked a certain- spark. We tried to keep it together; we experimented a lot, trying to find a thrill that would invigorate our relationship, but to no avail. We had no choice but to go our seperate ways.

It was after this that I met Feng Shui. I met FS at a time in my life that I really needed a new gaming system; and FS didn't disappoint.

Feng Shui is far and away the most exiting system I've ever played. Every session we had together was a wild ride, filled with fast cars and ninjas. There were things she wouldn't do, but the things she would do she would do with reckless enthusiasm and boundless aplomb.

Then I met Exalted. Everyone said I had to try her. She was the hottest new thing. I had Feng Shui, but... I was getting tired of FS. I wanted something new; something fresh. I had to know.

Though it was pricey, we hooked up. She WAS great. Intelligent, beautiful, and had a great personality.

But I couldn't stop comparing her to Feng Shui.

Feng Shui and I still see each other; but the betrayal still hangs in the air between us. We can never again have the wild, uninhibited relationship we used to have.

I'm planning on going out for a session with Silver Age Sentinels. I met her through BESM; we're good friends, but we've never- you know. SAS sounds like a good system, though. Clean. Flexible. Sounds like it should be fun.

Wish me luck! The big day's coming!


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To me, Fuzion is like the slut I'm almost embarrassed to admit I date.

She's so-so looking, but she's willing to do what I want her to do. She's got a real slutty mind and is into really kinky things. Privately, we have terrific sex and she even lets me take pictures and post them on the Web for other perverts to enjoy.

Most of my friends don't like her and think she's kind of ugly, so I don't tend to take her to parties. When I do take her to parties, they're very private parties with other "open-minded" friends (if you know what I mean, wink wink, say no more).

She's also got an undeserved reputation due to her former "relationship" with HERO, as well as some other bad relationships. But that was in the past and it is completely undeserved, and she's still trying to get over that.

I'm fully aware of her reputation, but I'm willing to put up with it because, well, she puts out and she's willing to take it on the chin and smile, if you know what I mean.

Why do I suddenly feel all dirty?
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