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RPGs Based on Schools


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Kagegami High : a “strange”/paranormal high school game using the Maid RPG system, meaning very simple mechanics and lots of generator tables.

Schoolgirl RPG (Or a Schoolgirl RPG Complete Edition version with all Supplements included here): made by the same person above, a similarly weird high school game also based on the Maid RPG system, with the simple mechanics and the generator tables.

The Breakfast Cult : A Fate Accelerated game setting that is set in a strange high school with science-like magic or occult tech (sorcery tech?) that also contain references to the Lovecraftian creatures stuff.
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The Shab Al-Hiri Roach, which is one game I've got that I really wish could have been illustrated by Edward Gorey. It's a semi-competitive (and IIRC GM-less) RPG set in a 1920s Northeastern American university, about faculty competing for the only thing that is good in life: academic standing. And in the midst of it, are the corrupting spawn of a Sumarian roach-god. You can accept the domination of the roach in exchange for power, but have to draw cards reflecting the strange orders it issues you.

The British supplement includes a version set in a Dickensian British university, and in an Allied Forces staff HQ office in the UK prior to D-Day.


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Nain is a supplement for Reign that has a Harry Potter esque magic system and includes a lot of detail on the three magic schools of the country.


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The High School Yearbook was a supplement for Smallville, focusing on characters and drama in High School.


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The Witch Girls Adventure Rule Book rpg is a game of young witches learning to use their powers in both the mundane and magical worlds. It lists several schools (like the Coventry School for Girls) that the girls might attend or be interacting with as they study. One of its supplements offers the Trinity Stone Academy, an institute of magical learning set in the Louisiana area of the American South. This locale offers a fair amount of detail that the few paragraphs of institute information inside the main rule book barely glosses over.


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LatinaBunny cited Kagegami High, and I would be surprised if there weren't more JRPGs in this specific genre, given its popularity in Anime.
Of course, translations into English may be less common...


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A lot of good suggestions here. Thanks and please keep them coming - particularly those that have adventures included, as I would love to see what types of adventures they have.
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