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RPGs Based on Schools


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Most of the ones that jumped straight into my head have already come up, but I did think of some more:
  • Tales from the Loop (and its sequel, Things from the Flood) are both about kids in a slightly more technologically advanced version of the 80's (for TftL) and 90's (TftF), so that could have bits in school. Both have excellent adventures included too!
  • Bubblegumshoe! It's about school-aged detectives :D
  • Not 100% if I'm right about this one, but I think the game Unmasked (for the Cypher System) is another that has teen protagonists.

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The 'Hope Preparatory School' supers stuff for ICONS has adventures and is arranged by school year I think, Orientation, Freshman Handbook etc.


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A group of my middle school students are crafting a setting called "Long's Peak Academy" where you are a student at a boarding school slowly discovering that your teachers are literal monsters.

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Curriculum of Conspiracy for Monsters and Other Childish Things is about attending Spring Crescent Middle School.
Also One Roll Engine, the "No Soul Left Behind" campaign for Better Angels is high school based.

I believe one of the earliest high school RPGs was Alma Mater (1982). No idea how to track down a copy though.


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Tokyo Brain Pop: "... a psychic school girl adventure RPG set at Atarashi high school, a strange and mysterious academy for girls with unusual powers and difficult lives!"

Classroom Deathmatch: "Kidnapped by the government and transported to a mysterious Battleground, 50 Japanese high school Students are forced to fight to the death in the brutal televised contest called Classroom Deathmatch!"


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GURPS Locations: Worminghall is a supplement for a European medieval-with-magic setting, and it's - you guessed - a university for mages. The bits not related with magic are as historically accurate as you can get them, and the magical ones are interesting. They include a variant magic system. As is usual with GURPS material, you can pick it up for use with any other set of rules. It would be relatively simple even to remove the magical stuff and have a realistic historical setting in a medieval university, too.
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