IC Runaway Hirelings: The Temple of Elemental Annoyance


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OOC: I think that sounds reasonable! Archie can spend one of his remaining two flail points to remind Nob of his favorite foods and nature.


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Archie steps forward confidently. "Leave this to me! The way to an orc's heart is through his highly chitinous lower intestine, after all!" He roots around in the apron pocket and finds the very last Fried Dripping Ball, still coated in a now elementally-charged Curried Jus. "Hey, boss! Bet you remember my cooking!" He chucks the ball into the flames, and they begin to form into a more orc-like shape.

"Mmm, hmm, not too duff … I 'member youse cooking did lack punch though … bit bland …"

Archie feels his own anger boiling over. "YOU WHAT?! Those things have enough spice in to kill a Dire Yak! I could only manage one, and that shut down my regeneration for two hours! What's more, the only reason you had a chance against la-di-da High Priestess Elfy McElf-face in the first place is because the spices in these triggered her allergies and slowed down her spellcasting! And then, and then, she slipped on the puddle of massage oil poor Angelica left, and tripped over Dummy's head, and landed on Zoosk's torch! Face it boss, you need us hirelings just like we need you! Except Clarrt, he was useless. We just need you, not some brainless fire demon!"

"And if that's not hot enough, try this! And this!" In his fury, Archie throws the empty vial of Deathshroom Hot Sauce (though the tiny bit caked round the neck would be enough to flavour a hundred human curries) into the flames, followed by some of his pay.

A strange sound fills the chamber. Is the Great Nob laughing? Either way, Archie and Dummy's rage is increasing his power too, he's getting taller and taller!

OOC: Spending 4 gold to use speciality, getting 1 back for orc intestine worldbuilding, leaves me on 2! Worst case scenario is Nob incinerating us all in his hilarity...
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