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Running Masks for the first time


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Thank you, everyone!

I've read through all the GMing chapter, and the stuff about the first session in particular - I've been roughly working out my first episode villain, who is using robots to steal money and jewels for his further plans. Hopefully our heroes should be able to stop them and track the villain to their lair!

I definitely agree that 'telling the PCs who they are and what to do' is the heart of the game. It's about being teens, after all! I'm looking forward to all the stuff about shifting identities and exploring who you are, I think it's really interesting.

In terms of listening to APs, I've been avidly listening to Protean City, and it's actually inspired one major element about how I'll run this game: just that I'm going to run each session with whoever can make it, so we can have a rotating cast where some weeks we have everyone, and some weeks only a few. They make it sound like lots of fun, and I enjoy getting deeper into some of the characters' relationships. Also there's the chance that someone else could take over GMing sometimes, which would let me play, so that's an exciting concept by itself.

I'll post a play report once we've had the game, and I'll let you all know how it worked out with your help!
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