Ruthless City - Text Based RPG!!


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Ruthless City is an online RPG game. The city was founded in April of 2017, when Will[1] and Killamk[2]started to rebuild the city from rubble. No one exactly knows who was here before the citizens of Ruthless City or what happened to them, but there is no doubt that this new city holds many treasures. Currently in the city, gangs run rampant in the streets, the local jail is full of criminals, and the hospital does not have enough beds for all the fighting that occurs within the city limits.

Citizens usually take one of three roles:
1. Fighter: These are the strongest and most well-trained citizens in combat. The best of these citizens are deemed to be gods and untouchable.
2. Criminal: Not only is committing crimes an essential part of living in Ruthless City, but those who do not get caught are able to start making good money with their theft, arson, and other criminal skills.
3. Money-maker: There are several ways to make money in the City. One of the best however, is to travel for bomb parts. This unique style of making money can lead you from living in a cardboard box to buying your own Islands!

If you are good enough, perhaps you can capture all three of these roles!
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