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I figure that this will be a not-quite-article blog about my neverending quest to make an RPG. This is my hobby. Not actually playing (stupid real life!!), but just designing and fiddling.

So I was running a pbp. To test a mechanic. Well--the testing rapidly showed me that this was a bad idea. :D

The ideas was a Rogue Trader-ripoff from the old 80's first editions on the game. The concept was solid, if undercooked. The mechanics though...

So I had two basics. The first was a simple dice pool. There was a standard difficulty curve from 1-5--that's how many successes you need. This...worked more or less. However, it was one of those "statistically, this works like I'd expect, but realistically didn't".

The other side of the coin was a save mechanic that, once I realized the pool wasn't working right, I could tell it was rapidly going to explode. Basically, saves were around 7-10, and you would roll the difficulty rank of the attack (again, 1-5), trying to roll at or under to avoid getting hit.

Those of you better at math than me--stop laughing. Or shaking your head. Probably both.

In short, while the ideas were at least interesting, it rapidly became that my difficulty curves were friggin' steep. I could tell it became

1: hahahaa no don't roll
2: crap. Well, you should beat this...most of the time...
3: Oh no.
4: Please. Stop. Oh God I thought you liked me
5: *Uncontrollable weeping*

So yeah--this didn't work. Now, the rest of it wasn't bad, and the good news is that it did focus me on some new ideas and new ways to use what I've got already. I'll get into that more later, and more into what I want to do with this down the road.
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