Sacramento, CA gamer looking for a game

Mister Gone

Six Monkey Slap-Slap
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Play Location/Method: Sacramento, Ca area, face-to-face
Game/System: AFMBE, Adventure!, L5R, Star Wars (D6 preferred), M&M, anything other than non-standard D&D really, maybe WoD.
Player or GM?: Prefer player right now, GM skills rusty, but willing to GM eventually.
Time/Frequency: schedule varies, right now Thurday and Friday evenings open, maybe weekends.
Genre: supers, pulp, horror, sci-fi, modern, different fantasy
Current needs: A game to join.
Accept Drop-In Players? n/a, but if i run, no
Accept Spectators? n/a, but if i run a game, everyone plays!

Contact me via e-mail if you're in my area and are planning to run or are running a game and have a need for another player.
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