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Salt Lake City, UT - LFP for Eberron Campaign Setting


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Play Location/Method: Cottonwood Heights, UT, face-to-face
Game/System: Want to try Savage Worlds, but been playing D&D 5E
Player or GM? I am the DM looking for a few more players
Time/Frequency: Monday Nites 6:30-9:30pm
Genre: High Fantasy with Wide Magic in Eberron Campaign Setting
Current needs: Additional Players
Accept Drop-In Players? Maybe
Accept Spectators? Yes

I am a DM who loves the Eberron Campaign Setting. My 4 year D&D5E campaign is coming to a close. I have recently discovered Savage Worlds, and am looking to give that game system a try. But the adventures will continue in the High Fantasy, Wide Magic setting of Eberron. Looking to run just a series of adventures, before stepping into next long campaign.

We have lost a few players, and a have some room at our table for a a couple more new players. My wife and I play. We are mature friendly mature (in age and attitude) professionals. We play at our home in our game room, and the wifey likes to be the gaming mother. Our current players are younger. Overall we are looking for friendly, mature players, and by mature I mean in attitude; age doesn't matter. Compatibility with the group and play styles is important to us.

We like to run a story driven adventures/campaign. The I often include elements from the back stories that my players provide. We are interested in a cooperative game, were the party works together. One of the most important things to me as a DM is that all the players are having fun and engaged. We like the players creating a story for their character and then following who the character is. We like a mix of combat/roll playing/story. I do let players help develop the world and setting, so finding players who like that would be a bonus for me.
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