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[Salt Lake City-UTAH-US-801] Looking for additional player for RPGs


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Play Location/Method: Salt Lake City aka Wasatch Front (West Jordan, currently)
Game/System: various RPGs (see below)
Player or GM? We're 3 GMs, 1 player looking for 1 more player
Time/Frequency: Twice a month, Fridays by design; occasionally we pivot to Saturdays or Sundays as schedules require
Genre: open
Current needs: A 5th player so we can keep critical mass when one person cannot make a scheduled session
Accept Drop-In Players?: Absolutely not
Accept Spectators?: For nominal fee only ;)

Greetings, I am part of a four person group who are in need of an additional 5th player to join us for bi-weekly RPGs. We're in our 30s and 40s, stable working professionals that own our own homes, have transportation, and practice excellent hygiene. No freaky, axe-murder vibe from us; we're down-to-earth and just looking to play some RPGs. Our experience spans decades and hundreds of games/systems. Three of us are experienced GMs and all are equally happy to be players.

Currently, we attempt to play on Friday evenings but will sometimes switch to Saturday or Sunday to accommodate the odd work schedule requirement. We play bi-weekly (twice a month) going with a 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off schedule. Again, if scheduling requires, we sometimes have to skip a week here and tack it on the next one. In short, we try to be flexible but twice a month is what we shoot for. One of our desires in adding a 5th person is so that we can continue to play if we're down a person (not the GM, obviously); currently if anyone can't make it we cancel outright.

You will notice that I have not mentioned any specific games yet. We are primarily interested in like-minded people with a good social- and emotional-IQ, working professionals, etc. We don't have to be fast friends (but that'd be cool!) but are primarily interested in compatibility first, what we play second.

As for what we play, in general we prefer medium-crunch games with a narrative focus. Good examples: Nights Black Agents, Star Trek (Decipher), Fading Suns, Marvel Heroic, Dragon Age, most Fate games, WoD, etc. Possibly D&D 5E in a pinch. We are NOT interested in high-crunch games or no-crunch indie studies. Examples: Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Apocalypse World, Burning Empires. We don't mind rotating games for variety but do like to put time into a game long enough to really get into it, develop characters, etc. So a series of one-shots or games that only last 3 sessions are not appealing to us. Nor hobomurder meat grinders.

We are currently in the midst of finishing a Marvel Heroic Roleplaying campaign and will begin the selection process of a new game soon (TM). You would have a voice in that decision.

Interested applicants should expect at least one face-to-face panel interview with ~2 members of the group to gauge compatibility at a neutral location.

If you've any questions, feel free to post here or shoot me a PM!

(If you are contemplating adopting a puppy soon, please continue on.)
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Hey. I'm interested in joining this group. I'm 42 years old. I'm work as a designer/front end developer. I occasionally play 5e and Call of Cthulhu with my two sons and a friend online - but it's too difficult to get everyone together regularly so I'd like to find a group that can be consistent. I really enjoy a fun relaxed game with good narrative. I'm a very creative person who really enjoys making stories, characters, monsters, all of it. I'm super chill - would love to meet face to face.
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