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Sample combats in RPG books


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Is there any sample combat in any RPG book, meant to illustrate the rules, that really stands out to you for some reason?

The one that always sticks with me is in Champions 2nd Edition. The heroes Crusader and Sunburst take on the villain Ogre during a bank heist. The back of the boxed set even had a little comic book illustration for part of that fight. It's not really anything amazingly creative as far as story goes, but to me it stands out as a quintessential superhero combat scene. Of course, at the time I first read it I was in 6th grade and the only other RPG I'd ever played was Basic D&D (red box), so this Champions thing was new and wondrous.

Anyway, I was just googling for writeups for Supers! Revised Edition and this old thread of Champions 4th Edition characters for Supers RED which includes all three of the aforementioned characters. It was a real blast from the past. :)


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How could I have forgotten Dragon Warriors! The comics was darn cool when I read it when I was 14.


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I remember really enjoying the combat example in 2300AD back in the early 90s or late 80s.


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I still mourn for poor Frederik the dwarf (Moldvay Basic) all these decades later ...

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EABA by BTRC. As an example of how the combat system works, (in particular, the increasing time scale from round-to-round) Greg Porter details the lobby combat scene in The Matrix. Very well done and matches almost perfectly. It stands out because most of the readers will be very familiar with it and can tie it to specific mechanical examples.
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