San Antonio, TX - assorted board games/one-shots - community building

Rod Anderson

kickin' it Amano style
Hi -- looking to possibly meet some new gamers in a sort of meet-and-greet, play a few quick games type of thing, with the opportunity to shoot the shit and talk about possible campaign gaming.

Play Location: San Antonio, TX

Game/System: various board/card games (Samurai, Titan: the Arena, Puerto Rico). Easy-in one-shot RPGs are also a possibility -- I can do Elfs, Donjon or InSpectres to name a few candidates. I can provide more detail on those if anyone's interested.

Player or GM? If one-shot RPGing, I'll happily GM or play.

Time/Frequency: Weeknights or weekends to be negotiated, if folks are interested. Let me know. . . I'm good for almost any weeknight or weekend if I've got a week's notice.

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