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Santa Clara, CA (or nearby) - 5E - GM needs 1-2 play-arrghs


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Been running my low magic high fantasy bi-weekly campaign for over 3 years, on alt.Mondays, 6:30-10pm at a player's house.
Characters are circa 10th level, so new players would be on par.

Core book standard for PCs, but there is some...oddness because of the world environment.

I play with unusual concepts while staying as true to 5E rules as possible. Most character consequences are "negotiated," so death is an option, rather than an automatic consequence of dice rolls. As I say, there's always a price that can be paid.

Interested? You should be a reliable gamer with your own transportation. Must be dog- and cat-friendly, and generally tolerant of other humans.

Please PM if interested.


Better than Soylent Cola
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Still would like 1-2 more players. I lean against having NPCs as party members.

If you've been looking for a Monday night game, please ask!
If someone didn't work out for your Monday night game, please let me know (as long as they're not irredeemably crazy).

You'll know very quickly if you're a social fit when you meet me BEFORE the first game.
You'll know very quickly if you're a gaming match in the first couple sessions.

Really low commitment, but fair warning--if you get hooked, you'll be hooked for a long time. :)
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