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[Savage Rifts] Favorite Starter Adventures?

Bobus X

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I am looking into starting a Savage Rifts campaign, but there are a ton of adventures that came with the Kickstarter that I backed. I am having some analysis paralysis when it comes to figuring out which one I want to run, and I wanted to see what more experienced Savage Rifts GMs would recommend.

My players have never played Savage Worlds or Rifts, though they have heard of them. I have played probably six sessions of Savage Worlds, but have never run it. As for Rifts, I played and ran a ton of it in the 90s, but nothing since.


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This is the order I worked out for the pre-published adventures, you may find it of use:

1) A Fine Solution 1 - Welcome to the World
2) The Garnet Town Gambit
3) Tome of Destiny
4) Murderthon
5) The Contamination Principle
6) A Fine Solution 2 - Circle of Death
7) Rite of Passage
8) A Fine Solution 3 - Triangle Trade
9) Return to Sender
10) A Fine Solution 4 - Unwanted Heroes
11) Negotiation by Fire
12) A Fine Solution 5 - Power Play
13) Rift Invasion
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AJ the Ronin

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Garnet Town was fun to run. I'm debating between The Contamination Principle and Fine Solution 1 as a follow up.
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