IC Save Game: Fight the Zeroes!


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OOC: No, it won't -- while you're in the stage, you just don't have that Heart anymore, it's constantly gone because it's resisting the ambient Glitch infection present. All pixons lose their lowest Heart, and it stays that way according to what I've read.


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“Creepy door-shaped panel into darkness at the end of the passage, drones closing in on me, I’m going in!” Rocky yells back.

OOC: I’m going to spend a coin here, if I can, to light up the darkness, the idea being the ‘electric’ guitar emits a pyrotechnic display of multi-coloured lights. Song, Shine A Light by the Rolling Stones



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"Perforated parabolas, Rocky's in trouble! You two follow at a distance, I am going to try and be an actual cat"
RedCat sucks in his stripy orange gut and stalks into the corridor...trying to conjure up the feline in his code.

OOC: Sneaking down the corridor: 4dF+2 1 and +2 =4 by invoking Bitter Educational Mathematical Cat


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While Sneaking might be good for some, Sir Phineas is nowhere near sneaky. Instead he decides to jump up to the ceiling and see if he can jump over them and figure something out to getting rid of the rovers.

OOC: Rolled for Jump, got a 2 and spending a coin to invoke Rabbit Explorer Extraordinaire for a total of 4.
3 coins left
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