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Save the Music What-If


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Let's say there has been some sort of horrible virus that's deleted all electronically stored music. Whether it was on a hard drive or in the cloud, it's now gone.

But your physical music--CDs, tapes, records, sheet music, etc.--is okay! But only yours (everybody else had already tossed theirs out.)

So it's up to you! What musical legacy have you left the world?

Garry G

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Lot of of indie music and a variety of other stuff. The world will still have a large repository of Fife folk music.


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Most of Halestorm and Vintage Trouble's discography. Scattered Crash test Dummies, Jason Mraz, Peter Gabriel, Goo Goo Dolls, etc. I really only collect music on CD, so this doesn't affect me very much.

We do lose, you know, Mozart and Bach and Beethoven. But I think you can pretty much reconstruct the Ninth Symphony from Dizzy Up the Girls.


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Lots of late '80s and '90s and later metal and hard rock, some '90s hiphop and EDM, some classical, and an assortment of completely random stuff that I found enjoyable at some point or just happened across in some second hand store. Also a bunch of early synthesizer anthologies (mostly French releases, for some reason). All in all there's roughly a cubic meter of CDs, and a handful of once beloved C-cassettes which I'm not sure even work anymore 'cos the damn things spontaneously deteriorate over time even in ideal storage conditions... (Looking at those reminds me, what the hell happened to Helen Hoffner, anyway?)


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Hrm. I'm at work, so this is mainly from memory. Almost everything is on my PC these days but...

- Throw Money by Glenn Case, on vinyl, unlistened
- Nerdcore Rising, Secrets From The Future, Final Boss, Zero Day, Solved, Question Bedtime, and Net Split by MC Frontalot, on CD, the last three unopened and unlistened
- Buena Vista Social Club, by BVSC, listened to a whole dang bunch
- A collection of Bach's symphonies, listened to at least once
- Album Fight, a collection of three albums created using the same song titles (Feel Things Deeply, by The John Benjamin Band, is one of the albums, Jeff Fal and Frankie Big Face did the other two, names escaping me at the moment), listened to a whole bunch
- Cover Fight, a collection of multiple "mix-tape" CDs of cover songs, put together by my friend group 20+ years ago, listened to a whole bunch way back in the day, very eclectic stuff
- Chimera and a self-titled EP by The Cost, listened to a whole bunch

Aaaand that's all I can remember. There's maaaaybe one or two others I'm forgetting. I transitioned to an almost purely mp3 library a long while ago, and only kept physical stuff that held some sort of meaning or where otherwise irreplaceable. F'rex, I will likely never be able to get the Album Fight, Cover Fight, or The Cost stuff again, were I to lose those CDs.

Anywho, I hope you like nerdcore hiphop, alt-folk, turn of the century Bay Area melodic punk, and cover songs, people of the future!


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An odd assortment of stuff. Just about everything by some brothers from New Zealand for no explained reason.


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All of my CDs and cassettes are long gone, but they're going to have pretty good luck with vinyl:* tons of country music from the '40s up through today, a fair amount of blues, some classical renditions, and a bunch of 70s and 80s rock. Also, some show tunes (my wife loves show tunes).

*I like the way it sounds, and even more I find that I enjoy the physical action of selecting, preparing, and playing music. Most of my stuff is digital, as is the way of things in this fallen world.


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No worries, guys! Almost all of Ayreon (excepting some collections, but including many of the various side projects) music is safe and sound!

Other than that, there's a decent collection of (mostly power, progressive and symphonic) metal, many old Roxette CDs, a halfway decent collection of various rock, some techno and adjacent stuff from the 90s and a semi-random collection of other stuff in adjacent genres.
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