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Save the Music What-If


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I'm old enough to have bought lots of CDs and too lazy to have got rid of them. Also I've got a bunch of greatest hits compilations.
Some classical, a lot of Johnny Cash, all (I think) of Tom Lehrer, quite a lot of Nick Cave, not as much Bowie as I'd like but a fair bit[*], all of the Beatles #1s, Rolling Stones, and an eclectic collection of whatever else I found interesting...

I'm lacking jazz, rap, most stuff less that 30 years old, soul, punk...

[*] including Tin Machine on vinyl. Yay!


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Might as well answer for myself.

Alas, I think all of my oldies and rock stuff is on the computer. I have a bunch of CDs that are mostly movie soundtracks and New Age. John Williams and Enya fans rejoice. I do have a a couple classical music compilation CDs, so at least that's not lost. And I have a Baptist hymnal, so there's something for church music.

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I have somewhere around a thousand CDs that an ex-DJ friend asked to store in my garage. When he moved to Colorado, he said they were mine now. I literally have no idea what music I have in there as his tastes were eclectic, but the set also includes the stuff he used at weddings and the like, but I think I'm good.


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I still own every CD I have bought since 1987. So the future gets to listen to a lot of Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Concrete Blonde, Tori Amos, Motorhead, WASP, Tom Petty, CCR, the GoGos, Prince, Skid Row, Tom Jones, The Who, Deep Purple, Ministry, Weird Al Yankovik, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, U2, Brian Setzer, the Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, Warren Zevon, Judas Priest, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Johnny Cash, Lady Gaga, Nick Cave, Madonna, Neil Young, Rob Zombie, Roxette, and a rediculous number of movie soundtracks and scores.


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I have my then-teenage wife's performance as the lead in a production of My Fair Lady on VHS.
Also, my mother's Gilbert & Sullivan musical performances from the 1950s on reel-to-reel.


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Nearly six hundred CDs. A good mix of ambient, blues, bluegrass, big band, classical, electronic, jazz, rock & roll, and music from all over the world. Stuff from Mali, Russia, Hawaii,

I saved Queen for you, all the early Jean Michel Jarre and most of Tangerine Dreams. I've got a box of Louis Armstrong, all the music from the Charlie Brown cartoons (you're welcome), and I've saved car and insurance advertisers by having a full set of Ludovico Einaudi's work. I've got most of Yoko Kanno's work, so your Cowboy Bebop soundtrack is secure, I even have a few Elvis CDs (Thankyouverymuchma'am!) so karaoke as an art form is saved.

I also saved a lot of Steve Vai, so WYLD STALLYNS lives to bring bodacious peace to the world.


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I checked here at home, and the stuff I forgot is mainly more of the same, rare and/or personal works from people and bands that I have connections to, and stuff I could never replace. Everything else got digitized. (P.S. a lot of it is kind sad, sorry future people!)

However, one of the few exceptions to that is something that hasn't explicitly been mentioned yet. My future folk at least the Hamilton soundtrack. You're welcome.


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Bunch of weird indie & local stuff. A good deal of 90’s alternative. Some ska. Lots of nerd music (that hip hop survives mostly through the work of MC Lars is kind of tragic). A few broadway/movie soundtracks (including Andrew Lloyd Webber. Sorry). I’ve at least got The Best of Queen in the stack.

Might have a couple of random cassettes in the basement somewhere, along with whatever vinyl records my parents left in a box ...

If I have an old iPod that’s not hooked up to a computer, does that count? I mean, a tiny hard drive is technically a physical medium ...

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A bunch of older Weird Al, most of the KMFDM and Slick Idiot discographies, Rip Slyme's stuff up through 2004 or so, the Star Wars soundtracks, Devo's greatest hits, and both Plus-Tech Squeeze Box albums. Sadly, the fact that I got into them after the rise of digital music means that the future will not know of ska or gabber, even though they're probably the bulk of my actual collection.


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Music is dead. I've bought something like 5 CDs in my lifetime, and some of them were as a preteen with terrible taste. We've got Good Charlotte, Greenday, Drum Tao Live (a taiko drumming concert), Brother, and Albannach: Bareknuckle Pipes and Drums. There's also some burned CDs from my childhood, so I guess I can throw on some Evanescence, ACDC, or Aerosmith. There's also a couple of CDs that happened to come with video games that I don't even use.

Perhaps the one saving grace here is that I have a number of my dad's old CDs, largely by accident. Classic rock at least will live on, for all that many of my favorite genres would die ignominiously. Farewell hiphop, farewell symphonic metal, farewell terrible pop country I still deeply enjoy.
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