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[Sci-Fi, Mostly] New Worlds to Steal?


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Here is a Teruvar from StarCluster 4 - Zero Stage. Teruvar are sapient worldlets that form themselves out of asteroids, spinning up into the shape of a drum, with a transparent membrane where the drumhead would be. There are 247 fully adult Teruvar in their system, 7 of which are open to settlement from outside, and are described. Each Teruvar is an individual, with a unique internal ecology. Teruvar communicate with each other by reflecting sunlight in flashes. Here is the descriptive page of one of the opened Teruvar, Kerea: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NljjQMChgk3-5snJv5_GCvmQiznOIj0N

There are other, more normal worlds as well, of course!
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Konnichi wa, campers.

I'm always on the lookout for new worlds to pilfer for my Heavy Gear-based sandbox, and I was curious if I'd missed any settings that had been published in the last few years.
By "worlds," I'm looking for single worlds (or at most a star system), with a lot of attention paid to things like local flora and fauna, history and politics (if applicable), that sort of thing.
Examples of what I'm after include:
- Heavy Gear's Terra Nova and Caprice*,
- Blue Planet's Poseidon (and the "world" of Subnautica - boy, that was fun),
- Harn's Harn (and Kethira to a lesser extent), and
- 2300AD's Aurore.
It doesn't seem like that kind of depth is a big seller, but maybe I'm wrong. I hope so. :) Thanks very much!

* I'm also taking Dr. Guilty's Editing Stick to Heavy Gear's Life on Eden for my own personal use (seriously, some parts are just gibberish), so that'll expand the available set.
As you have a fantasy world in there, I feel like I can toss out Kulthea, or Shadow World. It is not new (though some new stuff has come out for it in the last couple of years, and more on the way), but I think the layout of the world could serve well for a game about warring factions - it would make naval and air forces pretty critical though. Also, there are a few organizations that could be used with a little tweaking. I don't know if you are adding in fantasy settings with the thought of going with magitech mechs and stuff, but I think that would be cool and totally doable in Kulthea. Terry Amthor, the author, goes into great detail about plants, animals, peoples, and the weather, as well as the more fantasy aspects of the setting. He also has 3 eras worth of backstory, with the most recent era having a lot of detail in a variety of events.


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The Third Horizon & its systems & planets from Fria Ligan's Coriolis RPG might be worth your time investigating. The Core Rulebook & Atlas Compendium have lots of interesting systems, planets & stations, all with a Middle-Eastern feel.
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