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Sci-Fi Review Week In Closing - Check Out Our Winners And Sponsors!

Allan Sugarbaker

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Re: Congratulations to our winners!

Sci-Fi Week is over at RPG.net, and thanks to the exhausting work of our volunteer judges, Dan Davenport, Allan Sugarbaker, and myself, we're pleased to present you with our picks for the best reviews of the week. Every review is a wonderful addition to the site, and if you participated please know that you have our thanks and appreciation for making Sci-Fi Week such a success!
Let's not forget a hearty thanks to Chris, who took the lead on Sci-Fi Week for us, and kept things rolling when others were busy elsewhere. Great work, Chris! :)

To be sure, RPGnet couldn't pull off special events like this without the community of fans, contributors, and publishers supporting our efforts. Thank you all for making a fun week not just possible, but thoroughly successful!

We'll have more theme weeks in the months ahead. Until then, everyone catch up on reading those reviews you didn't check out yet. ;)

Thanks again, folks.


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Re: Announcing Sci-Fi Review Week At RPG.net! Now With Fabulous Prizes!

Thank you Chris, and thank you Allan! I look forward to the next theme week; I find those a lot of fun. :)


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Re: Announcing Sci-Fi Review Week At RPG.net! Now With Fabulous Prizes!

If you won a prize in our event you should have received an email from me. If there's any problem please just send me a PM and I'll get right on it.

Thanks again, everyone!
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