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Sci-fi skirmish games

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I still think Antares has a great set of rules, but to be honest it's the miniatures themselves I don't really like. Personally I'd end up using proxies for virtually everything and at that point I feel as if I might as well be playing another system


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I like the Antares miniatures, they've got a neat aesthetic to them. But I can understand why people don't like them too. The visual points of reference, The Thing from Fantastic Four for the Boromites, Mass Effect for the Algoryn, Guyver Bio Boster Armour for the Isorian Sentex (I love them so much), I'm not sure on the Ghar there's probably some anime that fits, the Free Born would be every badass in a long coat from the nineties, and the Concord are just generic armour guys. What I like about it is that they're not just knocking off Warhammer 40000 one more time like everybody else in the damn universe. It's got its own look, its own feel, and really, the Concord makes the 40k Imperium look like a playground. No free will, just humans linked into the network serving their purpose as its assigned to them.


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The Ghar remind me of the Daleks from Dr. Who --little creepy guys in metal armored shells. I'm not sure about their back story, but they seem to have some kind of rebel faction as well.
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