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Sean Patrick Fannon called out for multiple cases of sexual harrassment

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"The alleged harasser in these cases was Sean Patrick Fannon, President of Evil Beagle Games, Brand Manager for Savage Rifts at Pinnacle Entertainment Group, as well as being a game designer and developer with a long history in the tabletop role-playing industry."


This looks really bad. And it is multiple women calling him out here, and I see no reason for them all, separately, to be lying, while I can see an obvious reason for him to be lying.


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I'd like to say that this surprises me, but it doesn't at all. Not even a bit.

[Edit: Also, good on ENWorld for terminating his column there. Morrus is a good guy and him doing the right thing also doesn't surprise me. Not even a bit.]
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I wonder how Pinnacle will handle this and what it means to the future of Savage Rifts.

For my part, I'm not supporting the line for the time being.

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Same. Saying more than that might run afoul of a site rule.

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