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Seattle/offline - Shadowrun 1e/2e - GM - daytime, Weekday or Sat // The Year is 2050


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Break out your d6s, and get ready to make house rules with your party like it's 1989.

I'll be GMming first edition Shadowrun, probably weekly, somewhere in Seattle (mostly Capitol Hill), starting in probably mid August, give or take a week.

So far we have 1 experienced Shadowrun GM and 2 players; and a very low traffic Discord because it's only there to help us keep track of each other in this great big Internet.

The first edition paperback or PDF is on DriveThruRPG pretty cheap; $8 PDF, $16 paperback + PDF. Please plan to buy your own rulebook eventually if you stick around.

Second edition was never legally digitized but is available in softcover on Amazon. 1e and 2e are compatible.

We'll be doing session 0 as a group; player characters and early plot decisions will be made entirely as a group.

I'm an oldschool GM, and I'm disabled so I have a lot of time on my hands. Once the session 0 decisions have been made about what kind of game we all want, after that point I will start keeping secrets because I'll be writing most of our group's content. One thing to note: my game world will kill your character for goofing around in the wrong place, the wrong way at the wrong time. But it wouldn't really be oldschool Shadowrun any other way.

If you're in Seattle (or you can come to Seattle), ...
...and if you can play days (right now it's looking like Tu, Wed, Fri or Sat are the mutual openings), ...
...and if you're interested, reply here, we'll chat a bit, I'll send you a Discord invite!

More Info

WHAAAAAT: I'm putting together a long-term Shadowrun group. Expect an oldschool session 0; don't worry about character concept until then. Session 0 will be mid-August.
WHODOINIT: So far, we have 2 players and me, the GM
WHENZIT: Game will be either weekly or every 2 weeks. Daytime, either Tue, Wed, Fri, or Sat.
WHEREYAT: Capitol Hill. I'm poor, broke, and cheap, so we will mainly take advantage of the public spaces in my apartment building (lounge, kitchen, roof). Don't worry, you won't be coming into my private quarters as a stranger. I hope you don't mind security cameras watching us game.
MODEETS: Arrive hungry for roleplaying, characterization, plot twists and mysteries. I am disabled, but I rite gud, so I'll create much of our content myself between sessions. (So please tell me your goals for next session, as we wrap up each sess.) The year is 2050; I'll be looking at dates in sourcebooks and adventures and rolling them out chronologically; but we may be living in an alternate Shadowrun history to at least some extent. Don't metagame or I'll surprise you just to keep things legit :)
THE FEELS: If you can't handle graphic violence, an unfair world full of people trying to exploit you, gangs trying to roll you so they can sell your body parts to a chop shop for drugs, body horror generally, disgusting adult themes including exploitation and bigotry, a system that requires the occasional GM ruling on the spot so we can move on with the game (and then all-hands house-rule discussions after), or getting killed or mutilated if that's what the rules say happened in the fight, this game/group is not for you.
HISTORY: If you've only read 3e, 4e, or 5e Shadowrun, your entire picture of Shadowrun history is wrong. Please don't confuse the table with it :)
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