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Seeking graphic design and production intern

Mark Hope

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Seeking graphic design and production intern:

Lawful Stupid RPG
is looking for a driven, curious, aspiring graphic designer to work closely with our professional media team in developing creative models for our streams and our tabletop gaming community. The intern will play a key role in producing content seen on Twitch, YouTube, and various other media outlets.

Desired skills and qualifications
2+ years of design experience or education
Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator
Artistic talent to translate into graphic design
10 hours of commitment per week

Who we are
Lawful Stupid RPG
is a growing community of gamers, streamers, and creatives that produces consistent, high-quality tabletop gaming content across multiple media, including videos, streams, and podcasts. We have an active Discord community as well as a dedicated audience on Twitch and YouTube. We produce three live-streamed D&D games each week with players from across the globe. We play tabletop and video games with our community and fans nearly every day. We are led by an experienced team of art directors, concept artists, performers, writers, and gamers.

What you get
You will work directly with a professional 3D designer and an artist, each with years of experience developing video games and multimedia content. Through their mentorship, you will learn the inner mechanics of a gaming community while producing top-notch graphic designs to build your portfolio. You’ll work with kind, driven, open-hearted creatives who share their expertise openly and maintain high expectations for all content. Most importantly, you’ll discover how to turn your passion into a career.

To apply
Send your resume, cover letter, and examples of your previous artistic work to lawfulstupidrpg@gmail.com.
We look forward to reviewing your application!
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