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seeking help for my random encounter generator, also hi!


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Hello world! 😉

I am looking for a place to host my random encounter generator app creation proces/progress
I hope I've come to the right place...

My goal is to start a tread to:
-have others check on my progress
-seek/give advice, inspire others
-create an audience to playtest and sell😜 my app
-have a place to referenc to in case my app gets "stolen"

My question is: is this forum a place to do this?
if yes where should I put my thread?
(Tabletop Roleplaying Game Design
or the Glorious Unrestrained Hype Machine perhaps?)

short intro
Tired of the "D10 generic bandits attack you for no reason on a flat plane of nothing" I started to make random encounter generators.
It got out of hand..
Now I am making a system independent random encounter generator. It's going to be an app for my (your) mobile Phone.
You have a hook, a location a threat and a reward, and all those have typical and atypical aspects.
I have most of the data and the difficult parts of the coding done (had to learn some Java 😗) Now I just need to make some yards finishing it.


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I mean there's a coding sub-forum in Tangency. I don't know how the mods feel about creating something that you will eventually charge money for; I also don't know how many people will spend money for a system-agnostic random encounter generator when I've got three free ones on my phone.


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Thank you for your reply! I will check the sub-forum.
I hear you on the money aspect.
There will definitly be a free version.
At the moment I consider making the app free and charge money for the deluxe version should I make one in the future


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Hello and Welcome!

The Hype Machine is a good place to publicise your App, but:
1) It looks like a place for News (New Release! Look at My App!), not Help.
2) A lot of people skip over it, as it is "Adverts" (I certainly get v little response re: my apps there)

Mods are probably the best people to suggest "Correct" place for asking for help. Tangency -> Coding is a good place to start, though.


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You can do a lot of fun stuff with Perchance. I've used it to build a number of random generators, and had a lot of fun doing it. And they have an active, friendly community on Reddit and other places.
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