Self-created monsters.


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YEAH on Fafnir! One of my Danish friends reminded me of that today - most of my knowledge of Norse myth is pop-cultural, so isn't really that good.

I will look up more stuff on Lamia! Thanks, Psalm!


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There is an entire D&D setting based on this idea- Masque of the Red Death. The Red Death is the source of all Evil on Earth and has been around since an Egyptian wizard accidentally let in into his reality. Now every monster is the result of evil acts, the use of the unnatural (i.e. spell casting), or being the victim of an existing monster (lycanthropes and some undead among others).


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So my question is this: what other self-created monsters can you think of?
... thinking primarily of mythological monsters/creatures, not the creations of science...
Not sure it's what you're after, but maybe things like:

Faustian-type wizard/ witch: makes a pact with dark forces that corrupts him/her
Ghoul: in the (imagined by me) version where the ghoul is created by acts of cannibalism
Mummy: cursed to eternal... whatever... by an attempt at eternal life
Ghost: unable to pass on because of unfinished business in life
(Wo)man-kind: inheriting original sin from Eve/ Adam
(Wo)man-kind: inheriting the curse of Pandora, who opened the forbidden box
Lucifer/Shaitan: fallen due to his own pride
Prometheus: stole fire from the Gods chained; to a mountain top, eagle tearing liver etc.
Loki: not so different from Prometheus?
Persephone: who accepted the hospitality of Hades, and is doomed to sojourn with him every year
Giant: chained under the earth for crimes against the Gods
Hero: turned into a berserk danger to his friends by his envy of others (possibly some version of Ajax?)
Midas: turned into a deadly gold-making monster by his... greed?

Some of these are perhaps not monsters, but they all carry self-inflicted curses of a kind. At least if you regard a curse inflicted by God(s) in consequence of doing something disrespectful/ disobedient/ annoying self-inflicted. ;)
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